avocado slices iphone case

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avocado slices iphone case

avocado slices iphone case

Eric Schmidt, iPhone user. Somehow, it's hard. Yet at Google, they claim to be a touch less stringent about these things. Take Google holding company Alphabet's executive chairman Eric Schmidt. For years, he's been proudly admitting that he has an adoration for his BlackBerry. However, as CNBC reports, he's now confessed to something far more heinous, should you be of the Android persuasion. Yes, Schmidt has an iPhone. He reassured the audience at Amsterdam's Startup Europe Fest that he also has a Samsung Galaxy S7.

"The Samsung S7 is better, has a better battery, Are we clear?" he said, "And to those of you who are iPhone users, I'm right."They do so love avocado slices iphone case to be right in Googleworld, Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment, How odd, though, that Schmidt uses a Samsung rather than, say, a phone made by Google, Perhaps he doesn't trust the quality, Perhaps, too, Schmidt has a certain nostalgia for the years in which he sat on Apple's board, so he keeps an iPhone to remind him of those good old days..

It seems, though, that the majority of the audience were iPhone users. Agence France-Presse reported that Schmidt asked for a show of hands and this wasn't an Android-worshipping gathering. Schmidt, though, tried to make the best of it. "So much for the Android monopoly in Europe," he said. Tim Cook was also speaking to this conference. I can find no evidence that he revealed he admitted to having a Samsung Galaxy. Or a flip phone, for that matter. Technically Incorrect: Speaking in Amsterdam, the executive chairman of Google's holding company reveals he has more than one phone. And one of them is made by Apple.

No-one but May will ever know what it was like to perform on the roof of 'er majesty's gaff for the Queen's Golden Jubilee celebrations in 2002, But the legendary guitarist is giving music lovers a chance to see what it's like to be part of a Queen show, thanks to virtual reality, The band filmed its recent Barcelona concert with 360-degree cameras that zoomed around the gig on a four-point wire system suspended over the crowd -- the type of camera you've probably seen flying over arenas and sports fixtures, You'll be able to soak up the avocado slices iphone case atmosphere, both on stage and from within the crowd, by watching the resulting VR experience through a wallet-friendly 3D and VR viewer developed by May himself, called the Owl..

Unlike Google's Cardboard, Brian May's Owl viewer has open sides so you can reach in and easily tap on the screen of your phone. The bit that holds the phone slides in and out so you can move the screen closer to or further from your eyes in order to focus the 3D effect. May eagerly showed the new version of the Owl for smartphones to assembled journalists in London today. His signature curly mop now silver, May turned the Owl over in his hands and showed us how to fold it into place, like a kindly uncle showing a niece or nephew a favourite toy from his childhood. A scientist as well as a rock legend, he's endearingly fascinated by the phenomenon of stereopsis, by which our brains create the illusion of depth by combining the images from our two eyes. "We get two different views of the universe every second of our lives," he marvels.

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